Convocation Blessed Readings

Benditas lecturas was born in February 2013 in a training space for actors who meet, to train texts and present them to the public as a dramatized reading; a space that year after year, doing constant work and with the involvement of more directors, musicians and playwrights, quickly consolidates itself as a platform for the creation, reception and dissemination of national and international dramaturgy.


Actors and actresses who want to participate as readers in the cycle of five Blessed Readings DRAMATURGY FROM THEM are invited to take place at La Casa de la Maldita Vanidad Teatro.  

Within the IDARTES 2021 Concerted Rooms program, three actresses and two actors will be chosen according to the profile required by the texts of the cycle.  The readings will take place during the month of August and September 202.1.  


Do you want to be part of the virtual programming of La Maldita Vanidad?  He fills out this form and if you are chosen we will contact you.

Registrations from August 9 to 15.



Photographs taken last season of Benditas Lecturas.