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THE BLIND TURTLE or Klaus Kinsky also falls on his feet.


Directed by: Fernando de la Pava.

Author: Santiago Merchant.

Inspired by the work of Federico García Lorca.

On stage: Ella Becerra, Santiago Lozano and David Osorio.

Art direction: Nicolás Williamson.

Direction assistance: Martha Leal.

Production: La Maldita Vanidad Teatro Foundation.





It was born as an investigation based on Lorca's trilogy of tragedies that make it up: La casa de Bernarda Alba, Yerma and Bodas de sangre. The group made up of actors, director and playwright make a study of these works both textually and symbolically, collecting their themes and images, thus developing this new text that questions gender in this particular playwright. Taking distance from the author and the characters to have a parallel look, we ask ourselves: What is tragedy? And how is the tragedy of Lorca? Through the questioning of the actors who are representing a play, we are introduced to the fiction that highlights the values ​​in the treatment of human conflicts that made this playwright a classic and universal author.




Fernando de la Pava


Graduated in Dramatic Art from the Universidad del Valle in Cali in 2004. Since 2005 he lives in Bogotá where he has worked as a pedagogue in different public and private institutions such as the National Theater Company, the Charlot Academy, the Louis Pasteur French Lyceum, the Higher Academy of Arts of Bogotá, Casa Ensamble, among others and as an actor in different groups in the city such as La Casa del Silencio or the Buenavistasocial Clown among others. In 2008 he graduated with a master's degree in Filmmaking at the -ESCAC -School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia in Barcelona. Spain. Since 2011 he has been part of the company La Maldita Vanidad where he has worked as an actor, assistant director, director and as a teacher in different laboratories.


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