Membership of The Damned Vanity Theater

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  • Today we see the need to ask for help from those who believe in us, in our work and in our social work, to stay afloat and be able to reopen our doors as soon as the health crisis passes. As one of the support alternatives in the face of this difficult time we are going through, we invite you to acquire our membership, which will become effective when the buyer requests it by calling + (57) 3156336006. These are its benefits:

    - 50% discount on our shows for a whole year.

    - 15% discount in all our workshops.

    - 10% discount on "La Maldita Vanidad Café".

    - 10% discount on space rental.

    - Invitation for 3 premieres a year with a companion.

    Annual membership value: $ 180,000.