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La Maldita Vanidad Teatro is pleased to present its new show Si me muero es suya, a face-to-face and virtual work. Written and directed by Jorge Hugo Marín with the audiovisual production of Felipe Flórez, I have interpreted by the great Colombian actress Carmenza Gómez by the hand of David Osorio and Angélica Prieto.

An elderly woman wants to sell her property; the beautiful house declared architectural heritage of the Teusaquillo neighborhood in Bogotá where he lives,  She is there accompanied only by her dog, Captain, and the service employee, Pastora.  Rubén, a man who regularly passes through the neighborhood attracted by a "for sale" sign, decides to ask about the property that he enchants from its façade.  The meeting of these two characters in the privacy of the living room of the magnificent house, in the middle of the negotiation, reveals the fragility and complexity of the lives of the two, who find in the other a friendly reflection of their illusions and their  greatest fears.  A crazy proposal  but viable, the great empathy that arises between the two, the pressure that Rubén is subjected to from his family, the need for this woman to finish her days of life at home and the need for money she has,  they take Rubén to  risk an impossible. It will be Pastora, the house service employee,  the one that triggers an unpredictable ending.

Directed and written by Jorge Hugo Marín.

With: Carmenza Gómez, Angélica Prieto and David Osorio.

Director assistant: Ella Becerra.

Production: The Damn Vanity.

Art direction: Nicolás Williamson.

Audiovisual Director: Felipe Flórez.

Sound and mix: Daniel Nassar.

Technical Chief: Juan David Rodríguez.

Genre: Drama.

Age restriction: 12 years old.

Duration: 40 minutes.

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