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La Maldita Vanidad Teatro was born in September of 2009 as a theatrical troupe, it means it was first an artistic group with an artistic vision but then it grew up to become a non profit organization in 2013 named fundación teatral la maldita vanidad. Its founders are: Angélica Prieto. Jorge Hugo Marin and Ella Margarita Becerra.

The artistic company has created twenty-two shows and is one of the most famous independent theater companies in the world. The company has represented Colombia in more than 40 festivals around the world, in addition to creating a loyal audience in its country of origin.

The theater plays that the company presents are avant-garde and local. They are easy for anyone in the audience to feel represented.


Our costumers receive entertainment and a special and unique theater experience. Our headquarters in Bogota works as a cultural agent that interacts with the dynamics of the city of Bogota and the people from the Palermo neighborhood.


This allow us to have a permanent programming in our theater rooms, permanent workshops, and the possibility to develop different research projects as part of the companies artistic vision. 

Since its opening till today, more than eighty national companies and an average of 3,000 shows have been presented at our stage, creating a theater space with great vitality in the city of Bogotá.

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