The event “Cruce de Pensamientos” was created to make visible to our audiences different exchanges between creators from a certain country and the artistic company of La Maldita Vanidad, this product of the links created over eleven years of international tours and which it seeks through from a programming grid to make a selection of playwrights, directors, theater researchers and artists in theoretical and practical fields, generating debates about what we do, the common points and opposing points, influences and visions as creators today.

After our first edition in 2020 we believe that this project remarkably enriches the thinking and development of our local scene, as well as allowing the work created from the house of the damn vanity to be known in other cultures.

We seek the consolidation of La Casa de La Maldita Vanidad as a benchmark for high-level professional theater programming in the city of Bogotá, proposing a programming schedule for the first quarter of 2021 that consists of an exchange of contemporary theater between creators from Spain and Colombia that will allow a crossing of thought between the public of the house, who are mostly inhabitants of the town of Teusaquillo and artists from both countries.

In the second edition "Crossing of thoughts" project, the following activities will be developed:


- Theatrical creation: The creation, premiere and season of the play "El palmeral" is proposed, a text by Catalan author Albert Tola, which will be directed by the director of La Maldita Vanidad Jorge Hugo Marín and interpreted by Ella Becerra and Saeed Pezeshki, members of the company.


This text was born in a process of dramaturgical creation between both countries on the question of the scars of war, a project conceived by important creators such as José Sanchís Sinisterra, Carlos José Reyes and Carolina Vivas.

- Reading texts: Carry out the programming of a marathon of 3 contemporary Spanish texts and 3 contemporary Colombian texts that will be read in person and virtually by a unique team of 5 actors or actresses from the company La maldita vanidad, directed by Daniel Diaza and presented during the month of February 2021 in the activity "Blessed Readings", this activity is free and has a history of 8 years that enjoys a loyal audience in the company house.


- Discussions: Two discussions are proposed between exponents from both countries via zoom, where they will be moderated by Jorge Hugo Marín, they will have the following topics: Discussion 1: Dramaturgical training processes in Colombia and Spain By: Carolina Vivas and José Sanchís Sinisterra.

Conversation 2: The narraturgy and narraturgical structures. By Tania Cárdenas and Albert Tola. These talks are free entry with prior registration and each one will last 60 minutes.

- Integral Creation Laboratory for Actors: This is an experimentation laboratory for actors that will fulfill all the phases of creating a show, including a short season in the programming of the house of La Maldita Vanidad.

Jorge Hugo Marín, Ella Becerra and Fernando de la Pava, will be the laboratory facilitators for the actors. Each of the facilitators according to their specialty will be in search of the development of resources that allow the laboratory participants to solve their tasks in the scene and create their character. It will last for 8 weeks; 7 of preparation and 1 of season.

Interested actors will participate in this interdisciplinary meeting in which they will receive classes on: Impulse, relationship, attention, listening and scenic games: Fernando de la Pava. Character construction based on the postulates of Declan Donellan: Ella Becerra. Text interpretation and general direction: Jorge Hugo Marín.

During this version of the laboratory we intend to work on texts by the renowned Spanish playwright Angelica Liddell.

Developing the “Cruce de Pensamientos” project will allow an economic reactivation that would benefit a total of 28 people distributed as follows: 17 artists from the Damn Vanity Foundation, 5 invited artists and 6 people in the logistics and production team.

In addition, the financing of the project would make it possible to make the value of the activities with income value more flexible by creating a 50% discount to anyone who comes to our ticket offices, proving with any service account that they are a resident of the town of Teusaquillo Cruce de Pensamientos.


2014 First edition:

This edition was from August 21 to November 2, 2014, brought together the directors:

-Camilo Carvajal with the work: Krapp's last tape.

-Santiago Merchant, with the work La mancha del bear.

-Laura Jiménez, with the work: mandemarwolf.

-Jorge Hugo Marín with the work: the material authors

-Fabiana Medina. with the play: let me tell you something.


In this first edition, each creator had 8 functions in the house of the cursed vanity. Press:

2016 Second edition.

This edition ran from June 12 to October 15 and featured the directors:

Felipe Flórez with the play: Do you feel good?

Juan Carlos Mazo with the work: Curare.

Javier Riveros with the work: The Album

Víctor Quesada with the work: the Dark Stone.

Daniel Diaza with the work: A dream story.

Each play had 12 performances in the house of damn vanity.



2018 Third edition.

The following directors participated in this edition:

Juan Luna with the work: Laurita y los tatas.

Alejandro Aguilar with the work: Los Pied Pippers the Woddside

Juan Pablo Acosta with the work: Carnivorous Animals.

Ruth Caudell with the work: Cupidmach.

Each play had 12 performances.


2020 Fourth edition.

The following directors participated in this edition:

- Iván Gómez Gaitán with the work MAKANAKY 

- Juliana Morales Carreño with the work SOLO MÍA

- Lugo Bles with the work THIS IS THE END.

Each play had 4 functions.