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Premiered on September 17, 2009 at the director's house, Bogotá
Dramaturgy And direction: Jorge Hugo Marín
Cast: Ella Becerra, Juana Arboleda, Angélica Prieto, Andrés Estrada, Jorge Hugo Marín.
Synopsis: In the living room of a house and through a window the viewer becomes
snoop, and live the story of Nora, Jorge and Sergio; three brothers who meet at home
maternal, to choose who stays to live with her. The decision would be easier if not
were in the company of their wives: Susana and Elvira, who refuse to assume
outside responsibilities. An encounter that reveals with humor and intelligence the dark side of
a dysfunctional Colombian family.

-Ibero-American Theater Festival of Bogotá 2010
- Manizales International Theater Festival 2010
- Festival Freedom and Disorder Theater HAU Berlin 2010
- Theater fair in the south Palma del rio Córdoba, Spain 2011
- Ibero-American Theater Festival of Bogotá 2012
- Vienna Wiener Festwocher Festival 2012
- XIII International Theater Festival Bello Horizonte, Brazil 2012
- Eighth Festival of the Performing Arts, Medellín 2012
- Theater Festival in Fortaleza, Brazil 2012
- Ibero-American Festival of Performing Arts Mirada de Santos, Brazil 2012
- Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro Cádiz 2012.
- Cultural Colombia in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013.
- Les Translatines Theater Festival, Bayonne- Anglet-Biarritz-Boucau, France 2013
- International Theater Festival MESS, Bosnia-Herzegovina 2013
-Atrium Theater Season, Barcelona 2013
- Fundación Onnasis Contemporary independent Latin America scene, Athens Greece
- A Look at the World, Madrid, Spain 2015.
- Festival FIA San José de Costa Rica 2017.
More than 200 performances between international festivals and seasons in the city of Bogotá.
Published by the Bogotá District University in the trilogy “On some issues of
family ”, Year 2012.


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