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The Material Authors.

Premiered in July 2010 at the Hombre Mono space in Bogotá.

Synopsis: Sebas, Julián and El Negro cannot pay the rent of the apartment
where they live and Don Joaquín, the owner of the property, has been
collecting the money. One night the old man appears drunk to demand payment
of the rent. In the midst of confusion and despair, they beat him up and
cause their death.
This is how Los Autores Materiales begins, a work with an intimate tone, inspired by the
Alfred Hitchcock's film The Noose, which, under the guise of murder,
explores the degrees of intolerance or violence in which we live and that these
characters have ceased to perceive. This time the company moves to
the kitchen of a small student apartment where the viewer becomes
in accomplice during the time that the preparation of the breakfast lasts.

Dramaturgy and direction: Jorge Hugo Marín.
Cast: Ella Becerra, Fernando de la Pava, Miguel González, Juan Pablo Acosta,
Daniel Diaza.
General production: La Maldita Vanidad Foundation.

-Ibero-American Theater Festival of Bogotá 2012
- Vienna Wiener Festwochen Festival 2012: Trilogy
- Latin American Festival Days after Theater HAU Berlin 2012
- XIII International Theater Festival Bello Horizonte, Brazil 2012
- Eighth festival of the performing arts, Medellín 2012:
- Theater Festival in Fortaleza, Brazil 2012:
- Ibero-American Festival of Performing Arts Mirada de Santos, Brazil 2012
- Ibero-American Theater Festival Cádiz 2012
- Cultural Colombia in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013
- Les Translatines Theater Festival, Bayonne- Anglet-Biarritz- France 2013
- International Theater Festival MESS, Bosnia-Herzegovina 2013
- Extension Festival of Cádiz in Madrid, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid 2013
- Onnasis Contemporary Foundation Athens Greece 2014
- A Look at the World, National Dramatic Center. Madrid, Spain 2015
- FAE Lima Peru Festival, 2017
- Festival FIA San José de costa rica 2017
More than 150 performances between international festivals and seasons in the city
from Bogota.
Published by the District University of Bogotá in 2012.

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