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In an intimate and welcoming atmosphere the energy of brotherhood is transmitted. Human fibers vibrate when listening to this well-known story and thus seem new traits of a familiar character that is part of our cultural imagination. Mìriam / María, a mother woman, envelops her audience and transports them with her words and her movements to every moment of their memory. It is an experience that transcends: each person who enters this place and is carried away by union and love will feel a flame burning in their heart; it will depend on each one that it does not turn off.


Author: Erri De Luca (Italy).

Direction: Gianluca Barbadori.

Actress: Ella Becerra.

Assistant director: Martha Leal.

Art direction: Juliana Revelo.

Lighting design: Mario Ávila.

Costumes: Catalina Rubio Pineda

Co-production: “Ponte tra Culture” soc. coop. (Italy), “La Maldita Vanidad” (Colombia) with the fundamental contribution of the Istituto italiano di Cultura di Bogotá. Age restriction: 7 years

Duration: 1 hour

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