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Now there is a new chosen one. A man prepared and trained to lead, but behind him come others who await his fall to ride to the top and from there be able to rule. History keeps repeating itself ”Jorge Hugo Marín and his Teatro La Maldita Vanidad return to their family neurosis in their new production Matando el Tiempo. Killing time takes place in the middle of a traditional Sunday family lunch, where through eleven characters the viewer discovers the greed and abuse of inherited power. “With this new work, I investigate a historical parallel from the reference of Richard III by William Shakespeare that I allow myself to update, imagining the needs that said author had to get to write one of the most tragic and stark works of universal dramaturgy, and that at the same time, it has become a symbol of the abuse of power ", says the director. Traditionally, power is in a few families, making them owners of a nation. It's time to celebrate, to kill time while a new plan arrives. The genealogical tree proves it, the child who is born must continue with the tradition of the grandfather, but must be more cunning, the vigilance is intensified, for that they educated him better, to know how to control an enraged people. human relations with a raw and direct vision, they appropriate everyday spaces where the public can come to be reflected in a cruel mirror, now from a reflection on power. Killing time ago apart from the IDARTES Creation Grant program for Directors with a Career Path, it is also a co-production of the XIV Ibero-American festival in Bogotá and features the performance of Carmenza Cossío, Angélica Prieto, Ella Becerra, María Soledad Rodríguez, María Adelaida Palacio, , Fernando de la Pava, Juan Manuel Lenis, Ricardo Mejía, Miguel González, Danie Diaza and Santiago Reyes. This company was born as a laboratory for young artists of the Colombian theater trade, who seeks a deep construction of the personality of its characters and their relationship with natural spaces, always with an identity from the everyday and apparently simple.


Matando el Tiempo

Sale of the documentary at our headquarters,

The time of the Damned Vanity

"Memories of Killing Time".

Directed by Juan Sebastian Valencia.

A Production of La Maldita Vanidad in co-production with Story Film House.




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