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In this montage the reminiscence, the trauma, the loss and the impossibility of communication will be seen through six characters: Gladis (Luis's mother), Dieguito and Esteban (his brothers), Raúl (his neighbor), Olga (friend of the family) and Leonardo (Luis's partner), who meet to see him off, as this young man has just died in confusing circumstances. They will also be accompanied by 25 people every night who are immersed in the pain and loss of this family that is forced by its few economic resources to improvise a vigil room in the middle of their home.

Ignorance, evasion, isolation within the family nucleus, intolerance in the face of difference, taboos in the face of the body, death, sexual preferences, illness; they are behaviors and situations that in certain sectors of the population are magnified by the lack of access to information and by imposed and inherited moral, religious and cultural patterns, deformed by time. These are the thematic axes that the staging seeks to explore framed by the funeral rite of a wake.

They perform: Carmenza Cossio, Juanita Cetina, Daniel Diaza, Miguel Gonzáles, Erick Joel Rodríguez, Juan Pablo Acosta, Juan Pablo Urrego, Fernando de la Pava.

Text and direction: Jorge Hugo Marin

Assistant director: Fernando de la Pava.


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