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This work is inspired, written and mounted in the Palermo neighborhood of the city of Bogotá.

Through its architecture our viewers will take a trip through its streets and

mansions, while living fragments of the story of an emigrant named Polete,

young man who is dedicated to the daily search of the informal sale in the corners of the neighborhood,

a delirious life of excesses and not inhabiting a place of our own leads us to know the

life of eight characters from the neighborhood who are related to our

protagonist in a delusional drama, in a unique and challenging proposal.

The Maldita Vanidad theater foundation in Bogotá in co-production with the theater

Tantarantana from Barcelona, ​​join in this itinerant creation that seeks to make a

appropriation of the theater and the neighborhood.

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Johan velandia, Laia Alsina, Tania cardenas, Laura Mihon,

Cesar Alvarez, Saeed Pezeshki, Eric Balbás,

Jeferson Palacios, Salvador S. Sánchez and Denise Duncan

Dramaturgical coordinator

Albert tola


Tania Cardenas, Angelica Prieto, Daniel Diaza,

Saeed Pezeshki Juan Pablo Acosta, Felipe Valenzuela,

Joel Baez, Jeferson Palacios.

Directed by: Jorge Hugo Marín and Pau Masaló Llorá

Art direction

Nicolas Williamson

Technical chief

Gabriel Gomez


Release season December 2019


logo la maldita vanidad teatro
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