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The La Maldita Vanidad Teatro Foundation presents its children's show, inspired by the play “Cuentos 1, 2, 3, 4” by the renowned author Eugene Ionesco, directed by Daniel Diaza.

A hilarious story by the Romanian-French writer, which reflects the strength of family unity through love for children, showing the way a family plays, while educating their daughter.

A story that shows the wonderful relationship between a creative father, a curious daughter, a crazy mother and an irreverent grandmother, in a fantastic game of dreams, colors and words.

With an aesthetic inspired by the 50's designed by the set designer David Eskiaky assisted by artists from LaSalle College and the unique wardrobe of Lula Vivenzi, “Un Cuento Soñado” makes a beautiful musical journey through the different regions of Colombia and around the world. without leaving home.


Parents are responsible for the upbringing and learning of their children since they are very young, they are the caregivers and the example to follow, that is why they are the adults must provide the necessary elements for the child to explore, have fun and recognize all the possibilities that your imagination gives you. There is nothing better and that marks our upbringing more than playing as a family, without any artifice, without any excuse, without spending too much time glued to the screens, because the imagination has no limits.
"A Dream Story" teaches us to share with family members and strengthen family ties that enable healthy and enriching learning.


Direction: Daniel Diaza.
Cast: Angélica Prieto, Juanita Cetina, Cristian Villamil, Juliana Herrera.
Production: La Maldita Vanidad Teatro.
Scenography: David Eskiaky.
Costumes: Lula Vivenzi.
Music: Sergio Mejía (Orquesta La 33).




• Premiere and first Season at La Maldita Vanidad Theater Foundation From October 11 to December 14. Bogota 2014.
• XXV International Artistic Festival of Popular Culture. Bogota 2014.
• IDARTES (Human Christmas) Tunal Park and El Parque Theater. Bogota 2014.
• Private function for the French Lyceum, Bogotá, April 2015.
• Season 2, Sundays with the family at the Fanny Mickey National Theater from April 12 to June 14, Bogotá 2015.
• XVII Departmental Theater Festival of Tenjo, October 2015.
• Guest work from March 17 to 27. In Ciudad Teatro, within the framework of the FITB Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro - 2016 Ciudad Teatro 20 Performances
• Cultural Program Gilberto Alzate Avendaño 2016
• International Theater Festival Carmen de Viboral 2016
• Bogotá Theater Festival 2016


Angelica Prieto.
Communications and Marketing Director.
Cell: +57 3176564279.

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